Reservations On SUSDEVI. Real, Fake or Scam.

The growing number of unemployment is alarming in Nigeria, Nigeria’s unemployment rate now stands at 23.1 percent, up from the previous rate of 18.8 percent released in the third quarter of 2017, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics.

With is growing number, the Nigerian youth tend to turn toward any form (Legal/Illegal) of making money. With the great technological change across the world with Nigeria at the consuming end, we now have access to job vacancies online, in some cases, you can even have your interview via Skype.

A particular Job opportunity caught my attention when my brother sent a website( for me to verify its authenticity, Sustainable Development International-SUSDEVI a website with massive employment opportunity have caught the eyes of thousands.

1. The website ( does not categorically specify what it does but only jumps on the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which is a global trend.

2. The mission and the vision of SUSDEVI are not stated on any part of the website.

3. SUSDEVI does not have any online track record of executing any project/programme or collaborations with any known organization.

4. The employment deadline is always pushed.

5. No single picture or member of the organization is displayed across all platform (Facebook, Instagram, twitter and youtube)

6. The all social media account reads Lami Pamaren

7. So far the platform has gained thousand of followership;
Youtube -13,801 subscribers
Facebook -32,203 Followers
Instagram -25,300 Followers
LinkedIn -11,444 Followers

My conclusion, this supposed job opportunity is an avenue created to get massive active followership across all social media platform and high traffic on the website, remember all this when monetized is a great amount.
A friend also lost her Facebook account the same week she logged in with her facebook password. Currently, she has lost her Instagram and facebook account that she has been using for years.

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