Cost of Mobile Fish Pond – One Thousand Catfish Capacity, Other Sizes


Cost of Mobile Fish Pond – One Thousand Catfish Capacity, Other Sizes

Cost of Mobile Fish Pond

Thinking of the Cost of Mobile Fish Pond?

Here are some of the common size dimensions (in feet) and their fish-holding capacities that you should consider, depending on the size of the land upon which you want to set up your pond.

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The dimensions stated below are of the length, width and height, with height being at a constant of 4 feet.
Information on the sizes stated below were gotten from Benuwatts Company Limited, the only company I would personally advice you to trust when buying tarpaulin fish ponds.

1. 15x15x4 feet Reinforced Tarpaulin for One thousand (1000) Table Size Catfish Capacity: if you are looking to farm up to one thousand table size fishes (catfish is used as reference), then you should consider going for this size.

However, it is always advisable to have two or even three ponds when starting out in order to have the opportunity to sort (or separate) your fishes based on their sizes.
Else the shoot outs (the fishes that quickly grow bigger than others) will begin to feed on the others.

So, instead of buying just one large 1000-capacity tarpaulin to house all your fishes from fingerlings/juvenile to table size, you should buy two or three smaller tarpaulins so that you can sort into the other tarpaulin ponds as the fingerlings/juveniles grow.

Mind you, the more space the fishes have to swim around, the better the results you will get in terms of size and weight of the fishes within a set period of time. (continue below):

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