My newly married husband accuses me of not being a virgin!

From Cynthia’s inbox:

Goodevening ma. Please I want your fans to advise me on this.

I got married last month. When we were courting he said he wanted us to honor God in our relationship so we agreed on no sex before marriage.

God knows that I have never been with any man in my life, I was a virgin when he met me. But during our honeymoon when we finally did it.

He started frowning his face up and down, he refused to touch me again. I persuaded him to tell me what the problem was, this man opened his mouth to tell me that I was not a virgin, and that the reason why he is saying that is because there was no blood stain on the bedsheet after we finished making love and that i wasn’t really tight when he penetrated me..

Meanwhile, The day this man penetrated me I was seriously in pains, I couldn’t even walk well the next day. Honestly am beginning to dislike him already for calling me a liar..
Am just sad and confused On what to do right now.

Am thinking of going from here to my parents house let him come and beg me.

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