What should I do; My very close friend drugged my drink and asked her boyfriend to rape me!

From Cynthia’s Inbox:

There’s this friend of mine have know her right from our secondary school days,we become close that my family know her,her own family too know me…..

It all started when she started having feelings for Kelvin that stay with her elder brother.

Kelvin likes me but me I don’t like him so he has no option than to agree with my friend.
On this faithful day we went for her elder brothers birthday party and my friend got drunk me and Kelvin had to take her to their house cause am her only friend that was present at the party, when I got home I change her clothes and left to my house cause it was already late and my mum was worried about me(we were in ss3 then) there’s the cousin of her that stays with them so I left her with her…..

I don’t know what happened that night and she didn’t tell me anything too, so few years back I went to visit her and her boyfriend was at home that night me I didn’t think of anything cause have been passing the night in their house.

That night around 2 am I felt hand touching me trying to remove my paint when I woke up it was her boyfriend and I shouted at him.
I woke my friend up she and her boyfriend apologized that he thought I was his girl,when day break I didn’t see the both of them I want out and I saw the two of them talking that was how that case ended….

We moved on with our life she’s married am also married but something happened last week when me and her ex was chatting cause we still talk(what brought about the chat was this thing that facebook does to know how many girls you’ve broke their hearts,when I saw it I was like you broke my friends heart…. Cause he really Cheated on my friend…. I was even the one that adviced my friend to let go of him cause of his bad character,that was when this thing that is bothering me started),

This guy told me how my friend asked him to rape me cause I betrayed her,i was like when how? He went further to tell me that my friend even drug my drink on his birthday day…that very day I didn’t drink much it was only small stout that I took and I was vomiting blood I remember them telling me the drink was bad that’s why am vomiting blood, but I didn’t not reason any thing cause I trust this my friend…..
He said That my God is really alive…..that she wanted to cause me pain, cause of what I did to her on her brothers birthday that I asked Kelvin to rape her, Kelvin that she has been sleeping with before that day…. I was so angry after hearing all this cause this my friend is just like a sister to me…..should I confront her or I should just let bygone be bygone?

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