We are to get married soon; shouldn’t he cut ties with all his female friends?

From Amanda’s inbox:

I am to get married in October, we’ve gone for intro n family fixed d date for October. But I seriously don’t want to continue with d marriage plans anymore.
My fiance is a very handsome guy n I knw ladies always want him(he has always been a ladies man).
I am beautiful too. Very very beautiful.
But then I expected since he proposed to me he should cut ties with all his female friends, I talked to him abt it earlier n he agreed, saying he wants a Christian home n will do all in his capacity to build one.

We’ve been attending catholic marriage classes,n he told me he wants to do everything we’ve been taught.
I discovered I was pregnant early dis month n we decided on keeping the baby.

The problem now is I have been feeling so sick due to d pregnancy n decided to stop my frequent visits to his house so I can take proper care of my self.

Last week Thursday we were on our way back from marriage class, he was going to drop me home when I felt like I needed to throw up and also eat something peperish, he stopped the car to get me something n I decided to snoop on his phone, Amanda I got the shock of my life, my fiance was chatting with another lady even while we were in church and telling her he is sorry for cancelling their date, bcos his babe came around.
BT dey can reschedule for the next day after work as he was dropping me home. D lady said OK n asked for recharge card which he promised to send her later. I was too sick to confront him, so I kept quite.
D next day I called him and asked for call credit n he said he was broke because all he has is going into our marriage plans.

So i told him abt the chat I saw n his promise to the other lady, he immediately apologized.

Yesterday I finally decided to visit him, he welcomed me and made gave me food cos he saw I was tired and frail I immediately retired to bed. Only for me to wake up in the middle of the night to see my fiance with his phone on top my head, 1 hand typing on the phone, his other hand on his dick n his leg on top my body, sexting with another lady.
I immediately asked to see the chat n he refused, I dragged the phone from him and dis guy pinned me down with his elbow to my neck almost choking me, I had to release the phone to him and immediately left d room after telling him I was calling d marriage off and aborting the baby.
He begged all through the night, saying he didn’t allow me have the phone because there are things in it that will get me angry, and dat he truly wants to stop everything with those girls but den he noticed I am not praying hard for him to stop. but my mind is made up.
I left his house dis morning.

Pls advice me Amanda n friends. He has been calling me since morning,D wedding is just 2 months away and I sincerely can’t get married to or live with a man who has lots of girlfriend’s online.

I am 26yrs, n he’s 33. Thank you

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