Update: I slept with a hotel girl and now I’m liking her. What do I do about my current girlfriend?

From Cynthia’s inbox:

This is an update to a previous post at https://sabyfy.com/i-slept-with-a-hotel-girl-and-now-im-liking-her-what-do-i-do-about-my-current-girlfriend/

Madam I want to say a big thank you to your friends on their contributions on the post I begged you to help me throw out to them.

Let me explain something’s to some people! I have not proposed to any lady in my life and this present lady I am with, I am the one helping her out with her some fees. Madam Cynthia if you need her Facebook name for confirmation, ask her.

I won’t say I don’t love her I do, but in a situation where I will wait for her to call and she won’t, I send her money to buy what she needs.

The truth is that I came into Nigeria for my step brother wedding and that particular hotel girl was the person who kept taking care of me till I left, she is a young girl who was full of life.

Through out my stay, my lady just called twice with Facebook call, asking her to come see me was hell, she said she is busy, not even weekends, she got to go for a friend’s wedding.

I have asked her do you really love me and want us to further this relationship, she said yes, I now said why can’t you show me concern and make me feel special?
she said every time I pick up on attention, am I a child? Don’t I know she works ? You know she will tell me word that will throw me off.

I was the person who went to her office ,because I have dropped her at her office back then, last year like twice, when she spent some days with me but I didn’t go up to see any of her colleagues, I just stopped at the gate.

So the stuffs I bought for her, I took them along to give her. she was shocked seeing me when they informed her I was around . she couldn’t even introduce me to her colleagues . I was the person introducing my self to everyone. When I saw how uncomfortable that made her feel, I left .

When I asked her why such attitude. She told me they don’t allow visitors at the office. I said OK, sorry I embarrassed you.
I didn’t pick offense on that, I have asked her to go visit my mother who lives in the same Lagos she lives, but she is full of excuses. The day she finally went, she spent just 30 minutes and left saying she is going to visit her aunt.
I am trying to see her change and create out time for me but she pushes everything aside. I have met her twice in Nigeria and my plan is to bring her over here by next year.
I am human, this girl I met newly has been calling even before I sent her the first 300k. The day I got back to Malaysia, though I gave her my number, she called to make sure I arrived safely, my lady never called me but I called her before she could say she even wanted to call me, but a customer came in and she forgot again. No apologies, I said OK.
I am not helping that young lady because we had sex, but I see a helpless girl who has nobody to help her, a girl who will become a tool in the hands of men, there are more out there like her too. I am helping her because she needs to see another version of life, not sleeping with men for money.

Even yesterday I wasn’t feeling to well but just a phone call, she dictated that something is wrong and kept asking till I told her I am not feeling well. My lady whom I called never noticed that at all.

Madam Cynthia, I am not comparing the two lady’s at all, but I just want to explain something’s to people who called me a cheat. I am a man and I want to be pampered too.
If this girl shows me enough love and attention and good character, I promise you her past will never be remembered by me at all. I like her a lot and anytime I stay 4hours without seeing her messages , I feel disturbed and call her.

These days whether my lady came me or not I don’t bother again because with this girl call, I feel my day has been made.
I am just being honest.
I just want to clear some of your friends doubts about my lady. I am not a bad person .

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