Update: Could my husband have married me because of my father’s wealth?

From Cynthia’s inbox:

An update to https://sabyfy.com/could-my-husband-have-married-me-because-of-my-fathers-wealth/

Madam Cynthia good morning, thanks for last time. Those comments lifted my spirit honestly.

I am back to disturb you again, please I confronted my husband about the Chinwe lady and the discussions he had with his elder sister, he didn’t go shouting but said I should please listen to him, that he never knew I am from a wealthy home when he met me at his class mates wedding, and he didn’t fall in love with me because of my father’s wealth. He said the Chinwe of a lady is his secondary school class mate, that they were so close that people taught they will marry each other.

That the whole village call them husband and wife. That truly he likes her but has never gone to bed.
That his parents likes her a lot because she runs a saloon at their village and always go to his parents house to cook for them.

He told me since the lady heard he paid my pride price, she cut him off every where, social networks, everything.
He tried calling her to explain, she banged the phone on him, sent him a long message on how dissapointed she is. He showed me the message too.

He told me that if I don’t want to help his siblings and parents that it’s OK, but I should know that he is not buoyant enough to manage two homes, but he will try his best.

He even showed me the text and the date, that he had the chat with his sister two days to paying my bride price.

The Chinwe chat. Madam Cynthia I wrote to give you feedback. What do you think???

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