Should I agree to every demand and order from my husband?

From Cynthia’s Inbox:

Madam please, am I doing the right thing by agreeing to all my husbands orders?

I do my catering business but the way he is treating me I don’t like it. I was a banker before he married me and told me not to work again and he sent me to catering school.
He opened this catering business for me, so part of the money he takes when I do business.
That is not even my problem because it has been like that since 6 years now but see madam, I am a young woman, 38years of age.

He was a widower with a girl child, I had a baby girl for him. She is 4 years. He is 49 years.

When he complained my hair takes too much money to make, I shaved it off and went on low cut. He complained about me smiling too much when I see his friends, I stopped going out with him to prevent such embarrassment.

What he started last year was me to stop wearing already made clothes and go on traditional attire and use them to sow clothes.
I was like what??
he said if I can’t obey his orders that I know my parents house.

I went to market February when the heat became too much on me and bought 16 different wrappers I can sow clothes with.
I have been wearing these traditional and anyone I open at the top, he will ask me to go sow it up.

My sister told me that I am in for a long thing, that if I don’t put a stop to it, that it will swallow me. We really Catholics not that we are going to believer churches.

He packed all my already made and took it to the church when they asked for families that has clothes to give the less privilege.

His family people are living with us, his sister wears already made but I can’t.
It wasn’t like this when we started.
I now go on sandals, can’t wear heels shoes because he doesn’t like them at all, buy he wears plan trousers and shirts.

When I was at the university, I do wear those things and now it’s dieing gradually, sometimes I watch my university pictures and cry my eyes out.

Any little thing I say no, he will tell me to go back to my parents home . I am really confused because I can’t stand up to him, what can you advise me to do?

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