Please help: My husband’s mother is a lesbian and she is really disturbing me!

From Cynthia’s inbox:

Madam how can I handle this?

Madam Cynthia,I found out my husband’s mother is a lesbian, she is in her 52 years.
She got married so early.
My husband is her first child. Our marriage is just a year and 6months.

I don’t want to have issues with her because she keeps touching me always on my breast and I am heavy.

She left her house in Onitsha and came over here in Abuja to stay with us. we have no child yet, I am 6 months gone but the way she touches my body scare the hell out of me.

I have witnessed one of her friends come over to the house and they had fun, the way she was moaning in the afternoon, I was like what sort of rubbish is this? I don’t want to have problems with her for any reason.
When they came out of the room, I was like mama what happened I heard you shouting?
She said it was the movie they were watching but she taught I am a novice.

I don’t want to start my marriage and home in such atmosphere, how will I handle
this!?? The worst part is that she left her husband in Onitsha and came over to Abuja.

She has been a house wife all her life.
My father in-law practically told her she should remain at home, and he is wealthy too. What should I do?

My husband is 32years and I am 27years.

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