My sister made me reject his marriage proposal, he got married to another woman, and now he is back …

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Good evening ma. Pleas ma I need your advice and from your followers. Thanks.

I ‘ve known this guy since 2009 and my current boyfriend, he was my next door neighbour , I was living with my elder sister and he is a civil servant, some times I cooked for him as a close neighbour, at a time he ask for my hands in marriage and my sister said no thinking he was not serious,thinking he want to com and use me because of the girls that do come and visit him.

but to me i knw he was serious but was blind folded by love I ‘ve for my boyfriend and he also knows my boyfriend , it’s was not up to to 2months i rejected his proposal he met a girl and got married to her within few months but we remained good of which the wife is aware he has b crushing on me and some times calls me first wife.

I also went to der wedding with my pure heart, now d prob is that the marriage is 5 years now, and d wife has not given birth or even seen her ovalution, and this guy is has be on my neck to marry him, he came to my shop last yr and was crying like a child blaming my elder sis that she is the cos he dint marry me and not having a kids, although i was 21 he has b disturbing me seriously and begging me, that it’s fate that has brought us together again.

Since my boyfriend of 9 yrs that made me not to marry him has b telling me to wait for him to com back from abroad.

I love both of them but I don’t want to make mistake and I don’t want to start giving this guy hope and I don’t want to also b that woman that chase a woman out from a home cos of her childlessness, although I promise this guy that I will marry him last yr if my guy don’t return last yr Dec, he has promise me to wed me in Catholic and that he has talk to his wife and dey ve agreed for him to get anada wife and she will leave d house when she sees a new wife, am feeling bad for her, she comes to my shop to buy her Cosmetics, is to wrong for me to accept the proposal since my guy has b abroad for 4 yrs now .

Am confused don’t knw wat to do, i also told him no woman will accept his proposal when he is still living with a woman , he said he will settle her and open a biz for her, that he doesnt want to do all this things cos he is not sure of me accepting his proposal Pls I need a sincere advice including any insult.

He is 39years and I am 33 years.

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