My mum and sister are against the girl that I love and wish to marry

From Cynthia’s Inbox:
I am a guy of 30yrs and am dating a girl of 28th….I love the girl so much and I want to marry her..when I told my parents about her, my mum said that I should allow her to pray over it first…After her prayers, she said that we can’t be able to marry because of SETBACK….I thought that she was joking and now she has vowed that I will never marry the girl…Although I told her the outcome of the prayers I did on my own…Since then, my mum and my sister has been on my neck to let go of the girl but I didnt even shake for a bit…the one that broke my heart was on her birthday, my sister texed her that she should leave me alone, and she is not wanted by any member of my family….Aunty I am sick and tired of this attitude my mum and my sister is displaying thereby making the girl to have double mind….I need good advise from your followers…. I am confused and I don’t know what to do next….I love this girl so much aunty

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