My husband threatens to cut me into pieces with a kitchen knife because I refused to visit and live with his sick mother

I got married on the 27th December 2016.
A week to my traditional marriage my mother in-law felt sick which rounds out to be stroke.
After my traditional marriage we went to ABA were my mother in-law is, my husband senior brother’s house.
After three days my husband left to umuahia were he stays and Left me in Aba to assist in taking care of his mother, my sister in-law was there too.

Along the line my sister in-law had problem with the brother because of his wife, she left to port Harcourt were her husband stays.

That was on the 13th February, as she left I was the one taking care of my mother in-law. My co-wife refuse to help out, she and her husband started treating me as if am there house girl.
I called my husband and told him what was happening he said I should be patient. I got angry with my husband and I told him that I will go back to my father’s house if he refused to come and pick me, and he refused to come.
On first June I left Aba and I called him that am going back to my father’s house, he started begging me to come to umuahia straight that i should not go.
I went umuahia that day and he pleased that he is sorry for everything, that is Because of the love that he had for the mother, that is why he ask me to stay in Aba and take care of her. I stayed one month in umuahia he started asking me again to go to Aba and take care of his mother small.
I said no that am not going anywhere, but he pleased and I agreed to go and stay for two weeks.
I went to Aba and stay two weeks, and my husband is coming to Aba that weekend I told him that am going back with him that my two Weeks is complete, he started shouting at me on phone that is not two weeks we agreed on that is three weeks.

When he came to Aba that weekend, we went out to go and discuss in a bar and I repeated it again that am going back with him, he call his senior sister that stays in uyo with her husband, that I said am tried of taking care of mama, that I should go since I refuse to obey Him.

On Monday he left back to umuahia, I said to my self let me try and stay more one week.
One week later I went back to umuahia.
From that day I went back to umuahia my husband has not allow me to drink water and pick cup. Last two weeks we sent to them village to go see his father.
Ma do you know that my husband carried knife that he will cut me into two in the present of his father.
Any little thing he will say that he will kill me.
Madam Cynthia is a long story let me stop here.
I want to stop this marriage now before he kill me. Am 30 and he is 35… I will be reading comments.

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