My boyfriend still keeps in touch with his exes; is it normal to keep in touch with your ex like that?

From Amanda’s inbox:

I hope you advice me here and your followers as well.

I met this guy some months ago and we just “jelled” effortlessly, it was magical.

At first I thought he was one of the Yoruba demons but as we went on I discovered he is actually a rare gem. He is everything and even more I asked from God.
He takes care of me soo well as if I pay him to do so.
He motivates me all the time and makes sure my grades improve.
He has not given me reasons not to trust him. I have the passwords to all his devices, he tries as much as possible to be open.
I know men like him are hard to come by if not impossible to get another.
Plus he has been proposing marriage, we’re just waiting for our parents to give their blessings.
But you know, whatever that will cause a divorce is often times seen prior to the wedding. My boyfriend still keeps in touch with his exes.

I dont really have a problem with it to an extent cos most of them are married, but the one that has been causing quarrel is the single one of them, they are always in touch, her name is still saved with the pet name he used to call her on his cell phone.
He picks her calls most times in my presence, if I complain he will say he has nothing to hide.
But I don’t feel comfortable with the relationship they have. I on the other hand has absolutely nothing to do with my ex, but he believes there should a healthy relationship between him and her (them) cos the girl didn’t do anything bad to him (they broke up cos she wasn’t ready to get married).
He is always reassuring me that nothing is going on but I dont know what to believe again.
I have complained countless times and he isn’t paying any attention. I’m not saying something has been happening but I just dont like the “friendship”
Now my question is, is it normal to keep in touch with your ex like that?
Because nothing devastating caused the break up
Cant I tell him to stop the relationship (I’m not saying they should stop communicating wholly but it should be cut down drastically) I can’t deal with this if I marry him I dont like that feeling atall…
I’m wondering if this is enough reason to quit. Thank you

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