I slept with a hotel girl and now I’m liking her. What do I do about my current girlfriend?

From Cynthia’s inbox:

Madam please let me hear the house contributions here.

I came back to Nigeria and logged in a hotel, so I stayed 2weeks and in the 2weeks, I had a fling with a hotel room service girl and honestly we made out like three times before I logged out and travel down to the village to see my mother.

The sex was good because she took me in like nobody else has ever did.
I liked what I saw in her in bed. I love being honest.
I even promised her I will bring her out from the hotel and better her life by giving her some money to go do something better for herself.

I have asked her to go the market and make a survey what she can do, she came back and told Mr she can sell female inners.

I sent her 300k, though I budgeted 500k for her to start, but I shared the money for her to know how to manage it. If she advances, I send the remaining.

She sound truthful to me and my fears are that, the way she made out with me, might be the way she made out with every other man at the hotel, please don’t get me wrong.

I forgive her for her past anyways, but my other worry is that, her phone doesn’t rest, men call her like crazy. So I had to change sim for her and discarded the old line.

I feel it’s the men who have lodged in the same hotel like I did. Will this kind of notion about her ever stop occurring in my mind? She is very honest and she resigned from the hotel last four month.

It’s not the sex part is the reason I took her off or something but I saw she was too young for such exposure to me. I was thinking one night I made out with her, if she were to be my youngest Sister,how will I feel knowing men take her turn by turn? Surprisingly to me, I gave her 3000k and she was so happy, I wept because of poverty.
We have been In constant communication and she calls me and tells me how grateful she is, sometimes I try not to pick but she sends me message and caress me with words.

My lady who I want to marry don’t even send me love messages talk less of call, I am the one calling her, she keeps giving me excuse that she is so occupied with work and the least she can do is Facebook call and cut.

This particular girl calls and will want to know what I ate and if I haven’t eaten, she will be so concerned .
She is very playful too. 26 years of age. I bought her some clothes and sent to her last week, she was so over grateful. I just don’t know but I feel she has met with so many men. Advise me because I am beginning to like her and think about her too.
I am 33years.

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