I just discovered that I and my fiance are both AS genotype; should we continue with the wedding preparations?

From Cynthia’s inbox:
Goodafternoon Madam Cynthia…
This is my eight months of marriage & b4 my traditional marriage,my husband told me that his genotype is AA while am AS.

During the traditional marriage preparation, I disturbed him that we need to go for medicals so we will be sure of our genotype and other things he told me he is busy that what else are we checking that he is AA while am AS

It was after the traditional marriage that we went for medical and discovered that we are both AS & AS,and I also discovered that his sperm count is very low,the doctor told him that is only by grace and Miracle that he can be productive.

He is 33,am 25,am a graduate and I do business..but my problem now is that I dont know how to leave the marriage,he is a very nice man and doesn’t like seeing me unhappy,my family loves him and his family dont play with me too,the mom,the sisters everybody is asking what is holding our white wedding..

and if I remember my days when I was single I will be scared of going back to singlehood,so one day I just said to him that am tired of the marriage and he said that if I leave him,he will kill me,kill himself and kill anybody that is behind the problem,that he cant afford to loose me for someone else.we are planning our white wedding now.

I love him seriously so I told him about medical IVS or artificial insemination and he accepted,although he is not very rich but he can take care of me..pls no insults,I dont know if I should continue with the white wedding preparation or not.I need sincere and good intelligent advices,thanks.

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