I accepted to sleep with her because of her promise of 5 million Naira. Now all she is bent on is that I must marry her

From Cynthia’s inbox:

Madam, I have this grown up woman that I had an affair with but our date then was based on agreement…

she took in and told me but I refused to let her put to birth due to my standard now…she made a promise of 5million if I should allow her put to bed for me without someone even knowing..

I accepted it but along d line when I went back to where I base she was disturbing me that she want to come to the state that Im living and rent an apartment to stay, that a pregnant woman doesn’t need to stay away from d man ,i refused but due to her pressurance ,i accepted and we agreed that she will stay alone while I stay in my apartment but I will visit her often but when she moved in,she forced me to live with her which I later did but she never fulfilled any of her promises..

but as we stay together I had no breath of space because she was the one catering for all our needs but I couldn’t stnd it again because of her characters towards me…

I fight with her often and later on I moved from d apartment out of fight and issues and ever since then we have always had a quarell and threats ..

She has been on my neck since…it has been known to many while we wanted to do it as a secret..she has made a lot of threats to me but I dont just know what to do, don’t just know what to do?
Her stomach is not even showing any sign of pregnancy..
It happened to the extent my parents was aware of it and when I tried directing her to my mum,she even went to meet with my mum and start quarelling with her.

All she is bent on is i must marry her and I have tried to explain all I can to her that am not yet ready for marriage but she’s refusing …as I speak to you,she’s calling me everyday crying that she wanna leave with me,
but I won’t lie to you..I dont love her..was just accepting due to the money involve and money i no even see.

Im just confused. I am 29 years, she is 40 years old.

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