Could my husband have married me because of my father’s wealth?

From Cynthia’s inbox:

Madam I need your personal advice if need be please.

My friend told me to send my story to you that she too is single and don’t know what to advise me. My wedding is last Saturday of next month.

I am very heavy, reason I didn’t wed on time was because my senior brothers stays abroad, so they put it in a way it will Favour all of them to return home.

I am the only girl amongst 4 boys.
I am from a wealthy home though.

I saw a chat last two months in my husbands phone because he has paid my bride price, I still live with my parents because my husbands place isn’t that comfortable for me.

I am AS and always sick , so my father asked me to come stay with them.
My father has a house he wants to Give us on the wedding day and some properties with money, but he wants it to be in the presence of my elder brothers.

One thing about my parents is that , they don’t choose who we will Marry, all they care about is our happiness. This my husband is working in a bank but a front desk person.

I am very worried mummy Cynthia because I came across his chats with his eldest married sister, they are 4 too in their family, their parents are still alive and healthy, in the chats, the woman was telling him to love me and show me care’ that it will make my people open doors for him and trust him the more.
That he should not forget their family house needs to be placed in good care and a new house built for their parents.
That he is married to the daughter of a rich man and should not disappoint her. That he should make sure he doesn’t not do anything to ruin this chance .

So as I was going down the chats, I came across where he asked her, how is Chinwe? She told him he shouldn’t ask of her again, that he should concentrate on me and produce successful results for her.
That Chinwe should go find another man and marry, that he should not keep contacts with her again. That she too needs money to boost her restaurant business. So I read where she told him, better behave well, that her brothers abroad hasn’t seen him for the first time, so he should mind what he says when they ask him questions??

The issue is that I courted him for 9 months and got pregnant, so I told my mother about the pregnancy because my husband told me to not abort his child, that he will marry me. So when my mother told my daddy, he was angry but later accepted and they came and paid my bride price.

I told my mother about it, and she said I should over look all those things, that she likes his calm nature and the rest.
My mother said is just a sister advising a brother to behave well.
My mother is seriously preparing for the wedding and buying ashoebi and the rest.

She is traveling on Wednesday to go bring my wedding gown and come back together with my brothers’ but in my heart, I am scared.
How can I marry and live with such a person please.

Those chats has been lingering into my head, I was planning to tell my dad to employ him into our company after marriage, should I or should I leave him to his bank work? Is he real madam Cynthia???

I am 27 years old, he is 34 years. Advise me please !

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