Update: Could my husband have married me because of my father’s wealth?

From Cynthia’s inbox: An update to https://sabyfy.com/could-my-husband-have-married-me-because-of-my-fathers-wealth/ Madam Cynthia good morning, thanks for last time. Those comments lifted my spirit honestly. I am back to disturb you again, please I confronted my husband about the Chinwe lady and the discussions he had with his elder sister, he didn’t go shouting but said I should please … Read more

Update: I slept with a hotel girl and now I’m liking her. What do I do about my current girlfriend?

From Cynthia’s inbox: This is an update to a previous post at https://sabyfy.com/i-slept-with-a-hotel-girl-and-now-im-liking-her-what-do-i-do-about-my-current-girlfriend/ Madam I want to say a big thank you to your friends on their contributions on the post I begged you to help me throw out to them. Let me explain something’s to some people! I have not proposed to any lady … Read more

I just discovered that I and my fiance are both AS genotype; should we continue with the wedding preparations?

From Cynthia’s inbox: Goodafternoon Madam Cynthia… This is my eight months of marriage & b4 my traditional marriage,my husband told me that his genotype is AA while am AS. During the traditional marriage preparation, I disturbed him that we need to go for medicals so we will be sure of our genotype and other things … Read more

My husband threatens to cut me into pieces with a kitchen knife because I refused to visit and live with his sick mother

I got married on the 27th December 2016. A week to my traditional marriage my mother in-law felt sick which rounds out to be stroke. After my traditional marriage we went to ABA were my mother in-law is, my husband senior brother’s house. After three days my husband left to umuahia were he stays and … Read more