Should I get married to a widower?

From Cynthia’s Inbox:

Madam I am in a relationship with a widower 57year old man. I am 36 .

Please what can you say about this. He has 4children (3boys, a girl) . All are at the university .

Please just throw it out so your people can advise me please, help me beg them not to insult me please, I just need advice.
Thank you.
He asked me to marry him last night.
He is the only man who has ever treated me like a woman in my entire life.
He has been to our place, my parents are late, so my aunt trained me.

What do you advise I do? He said we will do court wedding.

1 thought on “Should I get married to a widower?

  1. No offence MA but at the age of 36 you’re old enough to be a mother of 7 adult children so him being a father doesn’t really matter. wether he’s a widower or a widowee, marry him!
    PS – The Reverend Sisters Association of Nigeria have stopped selling forms for 2017. So if you want to buy it’ll have to be next year and you’ll be 37… just saying

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