My boyfriend got another girl pregnant and feels no remorse

I am a graduate waiting for my service and i am 24yrs old. i have been in a relationship wit my bf for 6months now and the last two months was so rough cus my bf no longer calls nor help me wit anything wen i ask rather he give excuses lest i forget i am in lagos and he is Delta because of this attitude i have to travel back to delta to know wat is happening.

wen i got to his place he did not touch me instead he said he is not i travelled back to lag and he never called to ask how my journey after some few days i called and he said he was busy.i was angry but wat to do now,i had to call him and beg him to tell me wat is going on before he spilled it out that he got involved wit another girl and got her pregnant and the gils parent is forcing him to marry the the issue is he said he is confused dat he does not want the girl but i really expected him to atleast apologise to me or say something that will make me feel better.

He is just acting normal and i am hear heart broken i dont know wat to do.i really thought he will be my last bf i have really believed in us from the day i agreed to date him.but everything is just crushing down.

I really need ur advise and. Words of encouragement

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