Sex as we were all told is a sacred act ordained by God Himself enclosed in the act of marriage. This act being ordained by God Himself is enshrined in the act of legally wedded couples and not ‘’live in couples’’. Sex has been proved scientifically to increase body weight, helps moisten the skin, helps in peaceful sleep, and builds self-esteem and confidence and all sorts.

Sex is being performed by both man and animals as a way of recreating themselves, increasing the population and for self-satisfaction.

As much accolades has been given to having great sex as supposedly claimed by some people, it also comes with a great price of not engaging it in the right way. The right way I meant is within the confines of marriage. It’s been called by the Christian folks as ‘’fornication’’. This demerits includes shame on both partners, unwanted pregnancies, loss of self-esteem, many dropped out of school, protracting deadly diseases like HIV, Aids, herpes and all sorts.

This demoralizing act has been praised by celebrities, also being aided by the social media platforms, on air presenters, influence of peer pressure groups, being associated with the wrong people, etc.

Indulgence in pre-marital sex is the ‘’in-thing’’ now among the 21st century youths, as ‘’virginity’’ no longer have a place. When being seen as a virgin, people tend to look down on you as being old fashioned and not in vogue.

Also, sex outside marriage is now a trending social vice among married partners alike as husbands and wives tend to go for younger men and women who will satisfy them sexually claiming that their husbands are ‘’old cargoes’’ who have lost their strength.

This brings me to my question, ‘’does sex on the first date make her cheap???

Recounting my experiences as an undergraduate way back in the University, I noticed every guy wanted to have a girl as a girlfriend and every girl wants to have a guy as a boyfriend. Some of my friends would even take their search to the House of God as they claim the best of girls are always seen in the church.

I being a naïve person then would always condemn such act not knowing the devil had my own been cooked up. Having female friends was not an issue for me as I was always flanked about by the female gender. Some I got emotionally attached to, some I kept as casual friends, some as flexing friends and the divisions among them.

Then came a day I met Onyinye, a very good friend of mine. Beautifully endowed by God with the very best of curves on every side, and such a beauty to behold. We were best of friends as we were both seen together everywhere we went. Some of my friends even thought we were dating already, never wanted to believe we were just platonic friends. I then summoned courage, took her out to a lavish restaurant, made my intentions known to her which she said and I quote in her own words ‘’Tim, I’ve been waiting for a day like this when you will summon up courage to ask me out. I’m not thinking about it because you’ve already become a part of me, my answer is ‘’YES’’. I felt so happy that finally, I’ve been able to officially ask her out and she replied on a positive note.

Our love grew stronger, knew no bounds, practically calling each other as if we owned the network communication company. I even went as far as giving her a spare key to my room. This gave us both unlimited access into each other’s lives as there were no secrets between us.

A day came when she came to spend the night in my house. It rained cat and dog that day that I was scared if the house will just be blown away. In the comfy of my room, I picked up my cell phone to call my girlfriend asking if she is fine. She told me she was on her way to my house amidst the rain, I was shocked as I never expected her coming, she defying the rain to come be with her love. She finally got to my house, drenched in the rain, went into the bathroom to change as some of her clothes were in my house. I prepared hot tea which we drank to keep ourselves warm.

And the night came, which my friends always call nights of wonders. We chatted deep into the night, cuddling each other like babies, and she slept peacefully like my queen. When the morning came, she looked so disappointed, I noticed it and I asked her what happened and she gave me a shocking reply that ‘’baby, I came to your house and you couldn’t do anything not even touch me and make me feel like a woman. I’m angry at you because you disappointed me’’. This got me thinking all through the day and I kept asking my friends this same question ‘’does sex on the first date makes her cheap???

None giving me reasonable answers, I put it forward to the community on sabyfy to please give me reasons for this because I’m thinking otherwise already.


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