Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 9)

After they had past the places Bolu knew, then they came to places she could hardly recognize, and then to places she hadn’t seen in her life time. The joy and the enthusiasm was gone and the fear was back again. The fear this time around was written all over her face. Were all these people planning to kidnap her. Should she shout or plan her escape? These and many other thought began to floor her mind. She was now shivering and sweating at the same time, until the woman beside her noticed it. ‘what is wrong sis, is anything the matter,’ the woman asked. Bolu didn’t know what to say and how to say it. Where could she start. Where should she? When she finally pulled herself together, she said ,’ma, where are we now?’ The woman answered,’ you mean right now….hmmm we are just leaving Ilesha for Ifewara.’ ‘Ife …what?’ bolu asked. ‘ Ifewara of course, that’s where this bus is heading for. Wait a minute, where are yo….where do you think we are going?’ Bolu was sweating profusely by now, she was in the middle of a sea and she was wet by its effect. The woman was staring at her, keen for an answer. Bolu gathered herself together and an answer,’ I’m going…to..i..wn..ted to go to Ife..i mean Ile Ife.’ ‘yeepa!!!!’ the woman shouted, hitting her head with her hand and hitting her lap with her arm. Everybody in the bus was turning to look at them now. Bolu then wished she hadn’t tell the woman. The woman had through her loud ways attracted every passenger’s attention to there side. And soon enough, the news was all over the bus and everybody was talking about Bolu. Some people were laughing, while others were really sorry for her. Bolu was not sorry for herself, she was thinking deeply.
Five minutes later, Bolu was out of the bus. The bus had not taken it easy with her at all. And above all, the bus driver had demanded for the transport fee. Some passengers had begged him to be merciful but he wouldn’t listen to them. He left Bolu beside the road after which he had collected the fee. A passenger had given Bolu the directions on how to get back to ILE IFE.

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