Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 8)

When Bolu thought they were near Ife, she had mistaken. They were spending more time than Bolu’s father had told her, even though the bus driver must the vehicle at its highest capacity. Some passengers hailed the driver as he sped up, while others told him to slow down. Bolu thought of how it was like to be a bus driver. Passengers are insatiable, some will tell you to go up, while others will tell you to go down. Passengers never agree to a point, they always go in several ways. Bolu did not know whose part to be. She knew she had to get to Ife fast, but she wouldn’t want them to have an accident with the degree of speed the driver was pulling and taking. Bolu perceived something was certainly wrong. If they were going to Ile Ife, shouldn’t they be there by now. Were they not fast enough or was the road suddenly longer than before? Bolu wanted to ask from a other passenger, but she very afraid to ask such a question. Wont they just laugh or make jest of her? Wont they ask her if she wasn’t looking when she entered the bus? wont they call her names? Will they respond rightly? Despite all these questions, Bolu was keen to ask about the situation on ground from a passenger. But who should she ask? Who was the right person? Is it the old looking slim woman holding a poor looking child to her right? Or the disturbed looking young man to her right? Bolu was quite sure the poor boy was suffering from malnutrition, and the poor man from unemployment. After checking her right, left, sides, not seeing who to ask, Bolu gave up asking and guessed she would work it out on her own with time.
They got to somewhere that Bolu knew she had seen before. It was a town she had been to or perhaps had passed through before, but she wasn’t sure of the name. since she was seeing places she know now, they must be really near Ife. Bolu began to press her phone again, a sense of fulfillment filling her mind. She checked on the other messages and she replied them with a joyous soul. In some time, she would be in Ife and all would be over. Bolu was now glad she would see her old granny soon. It was all a good for her to spend theb holiday with her. If not with her, where else?

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