Bolu’s incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 7)

The word bribe sounded odd to Bolu and some others but others accepted it with a gladsome mind . In some minute, the officials were behind the bus checking out the plate number of the bus. Not for long, the bus driver was back in the bus with a million look on his face. Nobody knew what he had done or what the officials had to him. Some people said he had bribed the officials while others said he promised to pay later, credit bribe. Bolu kept wondering why no one thought the drivers papers could have been complete and that he was released legally. Maybe it was a usual course for bus drivers to have no license, but cant someone change their orientation about this things at all. Bolu checked her hand bag for her phone. It was the first time she was checking it since the journey started, and she saw she had twenty five new whatsapp messages, ten new facebook messages and other mobile sms. While she was checking out her messages, she realized she was running low on battery. Her power bank was not with her and she prayed that there would be light in Modakeke. She remembered that she had heard of how they had no light for six good months the previous year. Bolu didn’t know what she would do without electricity power, without her electric devices. She saw a message from her dad. Bolu wondered if she should check it out, after all her father had make her go through that day. She had no choice, he was her dad. When she checked it, she saw her father was greeting her, thanking her and asking about her journey so far. But she was in no mood to reply her father, there were more than enough she had to tell him of her experience.
She would tell her but certainly not now, not in the bus with all these passengers. Then something dropped on her mind, there was no message from her mother. Why wouldn’t her? Was she too busy to attend to her? Maybe she was not in support of the journey as she had earlier thought. Before Bolu knew what was going on, they were almost in Ife.

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