Bolu’s incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 5)

Certainly, the man was not looking at Bolu, but by the time the man turned to look, Bolu was shaking her head and her nose and staring at him. The man then noticed that Bolu was acting at him. To the man, he was not smelly at all, the odour had stuck so well to his skin that he couldn’t perceive it. The man then began to stare book at Bolu and Bolu herself knew the implication. BOLU thought she had seen the worst, but she was just starting her incredible journey. After several minutes of waiting, the bus was full of passengers. They were many passe3ngers with different faces and differrnt dressing in the bus. Some seemed to Bolu as armed robbers and others as business men and women. The bus was now full, but the bus driver was not in yet. Bolu began wonder the number of hours they would use to wait frof the bus driver. Bolu was patient even though she was one of the first to arrival. But some passengers began to murmur and then to shout at the conductor to call for the driver. Bolu checked her watch and she had spent almost two hours at the bus stop.
When the driver finally arrived, the noice of the passengers rose to a hullabaloo with immediate effect and others just keep quiet. The driver was a skinny man with a heavy round stomach. ‘abeg make we dey go’ the conductor said and the got in. it took the driver up to five minutes, before he could get himself up to the driver’s seat and then another several minutes before he could settle for driving. Bolu began to wonder if the driver hadn’t been drinking. Really, the driver looked high on something. His eyes were red and almost getting out of their sockets. He was occasionally rubbing his nose like he was high on cocaine. Bolu said a little prayer that she would not die on this weird journey. Bolu didn’t know who to blame fot the miserable. Was her father to blame or her always travelling around mum. But here she was, she cant go back now, not when she was already in the bus. Her granny would be so happy to see her.

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