Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 4)

On the bus was put a wooden frame. On the frame was written, ‘ife w…’ Bolu could not read the whole letters, the colour of the painted wooden frame and the letters had feigned. But since the conductor was chanting her destination, Bolu boarded the bus. She was the firsty passenger in the bus, but she spent up to thirty minutes in the bus before the bus was full of passengers. Those thirty minutes were the worst thirty minutes of her life. At first, everything seemed to be going well. But then, Bolu perceived a strange odour. She thought the odour was extrinsic, but the producer of the odour was right behind her in the bus. The bus and no other place was the original firm of the smelly industry. The odour was coming strongly from Bolu’s back, behind the seats.
On the back sit sat a man with brown teeths. He was not smoking that very time but the odour had stuck to his teeths so badly that it became nearly impossible to hide it. There were no trace of any white tooth whatsoever, they were all darkened black and strongly smelly. Bolu shook her head and faced her plans. Why should her have asked her to take a public bus. Her father should just have carried her in his car. The last she had used a public bus was when she was in primary five. When her school had organized an excursion for primary students. They were going to visit the gigantic Olumo rock in Abeokuta, when there school bus had suddenly developed a big hitch. Some engineers tried to repair the bus for fifty minutes. But when everything semmed not to be working, the students had to charter a public bus. That was the last time Bolu had entered a public bus, and then, it seemed not to be a public bus because they were all students in the bus like herself. But today , she was the only in the bus. Maybe she was not the only one, there was a brown smelly toothed man with her. The odur kept disturbing Bolu until she had to tie her nose with her handkerchief.

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