Bolu’s incredible Travel Experience From Osogbo to Modakeke (part 3)

When Bolu got to Fakunle bus stop in Osogbo, she was going to board the bus in Ife when she began to review the instructions given to her by her parents and others.
It was very unbelievable for Bolu to kinow that she would be traveling to Modakeke all by herself.
Though she was of age, she only had little traveling experiences and the little ones are of nearer distance.
From that point, Bolu knew that traveling to Modakeke all by herself in the middle of the year was not a good idea. Adam left home early that morning than Bolu. He had to travel to Portharcourt with his boss, Mr Seyi.
Mr Seyi had an industry that produces Kitchen and other home utensils. Adam had joined the firm two years after its incorporation and since Adam had joined, things had been going well enough, there were customers and he had a good salary, Adam had provided His wife with the capital to start her cloth selling business out of vain thought. They had a happy family, but this present situation.
Her father was asking her to do something she had never done before or certainly had never dreamt of doing not even in her wildest dream. But she had to obey his call, he was her father.
Bolu wondered if her father was in it with her mother, maybe it was her mother’s idea that her mum should travel and her mum had accepted it.

Six days before, her mother had travelled to Ghana to meet some customers, attend some meetings and buy her wares. Bolu was proud of her mother’s job but she wonders why it kept her away for so long. Could it be that her father and mother were together to test her abilities and intellectual knowledge but is this a good way to test her skills?
Bolu was working around the bus stop bewildered and not knowing where to go. Then she heard one of the loud voices shouting “Ife! Ife! Ife!”.
It was one of those conductors standing in front of a bus to call passengers to their different destinations. Bolu knew she would have to board a bus to Ife and then locate Modakeke from there.
She knew her home town is very near to the called city, she had heard of how there had been several walls between the two cities, Modaakeke and Ife. Bolu was on her way to the incredible journey.

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