Bolu’s Incredible Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 6)

when all was set, the drive decided to start the bus. He tried for fifteen consequent times but the thing wont start. ‘oh…oh..oh!…’ the driver said as he hit the steering wheel and jumped out to check what was wrong. He opened the bonnet of the bus with rage on face, he removed a small wire and through it away. The noise in the bus had risen again and some passengers were getting out to board other buses that were ready to leave. Bolu sat in the bus, confused of what to do. Should she find another bus or be patient with the driver? She could rememeber she had read stories like this before, when people alight to get another bus and then the bus they departed outrun them to the destination or the one they eventually bosrded had an accident. Bolu was not the only one that remained in the bus, there were others to, who have decided to eat the fattest bone. Five minutes later, the bus started and they were on their way. Bolu was on her way to see her grandmother in Ife, at least she thought she was. The driver kept wiping his little face with his handkerchief as they proceeded on the journey.
Suddenly, the bus driver began to slow down. Nobody knew what he saw for a second but in the other it was obvious to everyone in the bus. Some officers were stamding four blocks away beside the road. The bus driver wanted to stop, but before he could apply the brakes fully to stop the vehicle, he was right before the road officials. Bolu was wondering why the driver could not face the official bluntly and then she realized it. Some passengers in the bus were the driver to speed up and level up with other buses in front him in other to avoid the officials, but it was too late for them. The road officials move nearer to the bus and began to look for the driver, who was now hiding behind the wheels, sweating profusely and looking for words. The road officials began to talk shortly with the driver, who was by now out of the bus and beside the road. The talked for what seemed to be passengers to be eternal. Some other passengers kept advising the driver to bride the officer.

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