It’s time to face history, all these while , I have decided to teach you guys the elementary or let me say the basics of government.
Now is time to look deep inside innermost thoughts about government.
I will talk about INDIRECT RULE SYSTEM in African especially ( Nigeria)
indirect rule is a system of ruling or administration by the colonial masters who colonized Nigeria, they adopted to rule their colonies .
This system made use of traditional rulers to dispense justice on the people.
These political traditional institutions -administrative, cultural and judicial structures served as intermediaries while the British officials mainly advised and where necessary enforce colonial regulations.
Let me break it down to aid the understanding of all ,
The colonial masters , appointed traditional rulers that will help them rule the people, as they do not have in depth knowledge of what the people wanted.
The British also made use of what is called native authority.
It simply means a local administration of indirect rule system in British west African colony.

The main attribute of indirect rule.
They respected the African traditionalist by appointing them in the discharge of duties .

It was more of a traditional system of government.

The cost of administration was not high because the African traditional rulers were paid peanut.

Respect for the culture is also there.
It operated what is known as native court .

There were several reasons which led to the adoption of indirect by the British on their colonies.some of them, we shall be looking at .
* Lack of British personnel. The number of British citizens then in their colonies were small, so , they was never a way the little personnel available could meet with what did to be done.
* language barrier
*Poor communication system : the language of the British was different from the of the Africa so , to ensure efficient communication , they recruitment traditional rulers .
*Also the system was very cheap and easy to manage .
* They the British used this system to satisfy their interest and continue exploitation of the Africans .

* Insufficient funds, they was no money at hand then .
* Poor climate .the weather of Africa was not conducive for some British citizens, so , they refused coming down to Africa.

The usage of native authority to rule Africans , especially Nigeria was marred by some factors .Although it worked in some part of Nigeria especially the northern part , this is because they are use to such leadership style. Unlike the eastern part of Nigeria , Igbo’s to be precise , they didn’t embrace this system because of the acephalous system of leadership before the coming of the British .

I also want to tell you all that before the coming of the British that Africans has an existence system of leadership or administration, which is mostly same with the Greek direct democracy.
So , it will an unforgivable sin if they British say that Africans were living in chaos state before their coming.
I hope you all enjoyed the history class ?
Have a nice day.

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