Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (the end)

After some time, Bolu was in another bus back to Ile Ife. The driver of the former bus had joined her up with the new one and now she was on the right path. After some minutes of fear and agony, she was finally now at rest with her mind and with everybody. Bolu looked around, the bus was better than the former one. It had space and the seats were well arranged. The passengers in the bus were not as many as that of the former. They looked more like cool headed citizens and students, rather than old looking and smelling beings. Bolu was sure now that even in the world of buses, there are classes. The bus was really heading for ILE IFE and that was certain. After sometime, bolu began to notice some places she knows very well. Locating places was not hard for her now, she was sure they were in ife, not ifewara but ILE IFE. Now, according to the directions given to her by her parents, she needs to locate FAMIA road, in order to get to Modakeke. Locating the specified road was not hard for her, it was quite easy.
Twenty minutes later, she was heading for her grandmother’s house down a street. Bolu vowed that she wont tell her father about the terrible incidences that happened that day. Even though it was partially her father’s fault to have sent her on a mission without necessary backup. He had left her to face the world all by herself. He had taken her to battle, and then left her to the enemies. She was angry at him, but she furious at herself. She had been very foolish to have boarded a bus that was not and had no intention of heading to her destination in the first place. As bolu walked along the street, Bolu began to review the day’s walk and journey. How she had woken up very excited in the morning, somehow sad when she knew she would have to be travelling alone, bewildered at the bus stop, disgusted in the bus, frightened during the journey, very sorrowful to know she was on the wrong bus, her replacement and her final excitement. The thought of it all elated her as she walked to the front of her grandmother’s house. It was certainly to her, a very incredible travel experience.

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