Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience from Osogbo to Modakeke (part 2)

The thought of travelling brought a nostalgic feeling to Bolu. She will want to travel but why Modakeke.
Why should she spend this long holiday traveling to her home town.
Why can’t she go somewhere like Ibadan or even Lagos. She would really be joyous to visit certain places in lagos. But here her father is here with the idea of traveling to MODAKEKE, modakeke of all cities.
MODAKEKE is really a nice place, but it would have been better if she could spend her days in a more civilized and entertaining city.

Mr Adam was still there, in front of her, waiting for her reply. ‘Dad, why I’m I going to Modakeke?.’ Bolu asked. ‘beacause it is your home town.’ Adam replied.
‘I know dad, but I thought we usually go there and spend some days during Christmas and new year celebration.’’ ‘that’s right Bolu, but I want you to go now and keep your grandmother company.
You know she is now getting really old, she needs people around her’ most especially her grandchildren.’ ‘But why me Dad?
Cant you get any other grandchildren?’ bolu asked. ‘ No Bolu, they are still in school. You are the only one I can send.
They duty fell on me to produce someone, I’m the eldest son and also the first born of the family.
I need to send someone and I’m sending you.’ Bolu continued to think of how to make her journey possible and very enjoyable.
But there as to be more to this than her father is telling her. ‘Dad, are you sure there is nothing wrong with granny?’ Bolu asked. ‘You see…..not really. Its just that she has some minor ageing problem but she will be well if you stay with her. ‘oh…..i will go.’ Bolu said.
“that is my girl. I know you will listen to me.” Adam replied “ oh, but first I have to say hello to some friends, bead them goodbye, then I will come prepare for the journey.” “ thank you my daughter I want you to leave first things tomorrow morning.” “I will not let you down dad.” Bolu began to run around, greeting and visiting people as she prepared for her incredible journey. To bolu, the journey will be splendid and nice, but unfortunately it wasn’t.
It was more incredible than she could ever imagine, than anybody could make out.

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