Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience From Osogbo to Modakeke, Osun State

Bolu had just finished her senior secondary school certificate examination and the long holiday awaited her. she would have to wait for two months before he result would be out and then she can plan on the next move to qualify for the university of her choice. she would like to study law at Obafemi Awolowo University.
When she had finished her last paper, she was very sure a very excellent result awaited her.
Bolu was calm as she sat in front of their house,thinking of the best way to spend her over sixty days holiday. Should she learn a trade? Maybe she could go on a trip?
Bolu often wonder about if Learning a trade would be a good thing.
Though, when she was young, she had always wanted to be a Fashion designer. seeing many people wear different type of cloths designed by different people had fascinated her.

Moreover, her mother was a cloth trader who travels a lot from countries to countries to buy and sell wears.
Bolu’s father did not really like the fashion designing idea. He wished that Bolu should learn something bigger.
To him, to be a fashion designer is just being a modernized tailor.
All effort by Bolu and her mother to prove him wrong proved abortive. He was very adamant with his belief that Bolu should learn something bigger and better.
He told Bolu that she could rather go for a computer training than learn tailoring, since the world itself is a global village. Bolu later reasoned with her father and agreed with him but her mother had not agreed.

These difference in ideas had almost caused a war in Bolu’s house. Everything was all about her and she wished she could go away.

As she sat on the recliner in front of the house, thinking of what to do. she wondered if it wouldn’t have to travel soon. she was considering her alternatives when Mr Adams arrived.
Mr Adam was Bolu’s arrived. He had been away for three days. when he returned, he didn’t respond to Bolu’s long greetings, the look on his face said millions that Bolu didn’t understand. Adam was not sad but his expression was certainly not joyous.
Bolu began to ponder what the situation could be, she had always her father to be an active man. what could be wrong with him today? Was he sacked? Bolu wondered.

When Adam’s voice was finally back,he said “You are going to Modakeke.”

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