Many of us are unaware that there are categories for our different personalities.
Don’t think its only you that can keep secrets; there are probably millions of your specie out there. If you are the type that thinks too much; to the extent that it affects you both positively and negatively, I’m here to let you know that you are not alone. Relax and read about 10 types of personalities, and tell me where you belong at the end.

THE IDEALISTS: these are guys who have a strong value system through which they relate and coexist with others. They always have one new idea or two crippling to the cliff of their heads. Idealists are naturally writers. They adhere in totality to their value system. They are not the best persons to catch fun with. Life is a serious issue with them. Most idealists end up taking up one leadership positions or the other naturally.

THE ARTISTS: they have well developed senses. Artists are very creative, I suppose you already guessed by the name. They are quite; observant; flow with the tides of nature to build the next project and do great stuffs. Artists don’t really fancy books, they are more about building. They don’t seem to strive for leadership positions.

THE THINKER: these dudes love to think, write, joke; overall they are creative writers and public speakers. People are charmed by their brilliance.

THE SCIENTISTS: they are guys who are very analytical. They always want to know the reason behind everything. They are logical. They love books to the letter. Are you a scientist?

THE FULFILLER: if you have seen someone who looks serious about everything, he or she is likely a fulfiller. They are moved by their dreams. They don’t care about what you say; all that matters is the end goals they want to achieve in life. I love these guys.

THE PROTECTOR: Ladies who marry protectors have issues with their privacy been swept under a thick carpet. A protector sights danger from afar and moves swiftly to avert it. He or she doesn’t tries to guide whatever associate with them jealously. They can be forceful and annoying. But they have a good heart and intention. I’m I a protector?

THE NURTURER: these guys are sweet, caring, loving. They can do anything to make you happy. A lady nurturer loves with all her heart; same with the man nurturer. They have a compassionate nature. They can take care of anything as long as it pleases them. They have a well developed sense of place and nature. They observe things carefully.

THE GIVER: these are people who give cheerfully. They are focused. Often highly or moderately successful. They are quite efficient in managing people’s affairs. They have a highly developed listening capacity.
THE DOER: a friend who stays with you during rain and sunshine is a doer. He or she is adaptive, and action packed. They intend to do a thing; and it happens with or without cost. They inspire people around them to do things. Doers are respectful. But they don’t have time for much explanations; action is the most important thing.

THE VISIONARY: these guys are outspoken, intelligent and very resourceful. They often plan to make things happen. They endure it happens. Visionaries don’t know the meaning of ‘impossibility’’. They always hell bent of getting whatever they want.
Which of these are you?

Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade


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