One of the terrible slang in Nigeria is I DON’T HAVE A JOB.
The situations of the country have not made it easy for graduates of tertiary institutions to secure employments. Many impatient youths have indulged into immoral acts such as kidnapping, prostitution, fraud, because they couldn’t get job after school. This is as bad as it is. They pose serious challenges to the peace and progress of the nation.
The other categories are those who are idle because there is no job outside for them.
Although, to be candid, getting a job in this country is inflexible, it shouldn’t translate to the fact that we continue to accumulate graduates who sits at home after graduation; resounding it to everyone around them that they are jobless.
The failure of many graduates in Nigeria is that they believe once they finish immediately from school; jobs are already waiting for them; theirs is to arrange their credentials or CV and begin to tour companies all around Lagos or Abuja seeking job opportunities.
The saddening part is that some of these employers make graduates do menial jobs and still pay them very miniature salary.
For example, there are cases of people living in quite expensive cities, and get #30,000 as salary.
With wives and children, they will begin to feel choked up because the money as salary cannot even cater for the needs of the family.
I believe that starting a business is one of the routes to becoming free from the shackles of poverty. There are more than enough small- scale businesses that can serve as a first-step into independence from joblessness.
The problem sometimes we Nigerians is that we tend not to want to take risks. We forget that a man who hasn’t taken risk before cannot be successful.
It’s hard for some people to put string money together to learn vocations or improve on skills that can make them become financially stable.
Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to start big.
For example, someone who is into computer business may begin with just a photocopier machine, stabilizer and a working system. Such person can start something reasonable with that.
It doesn’t mean he has to wait until he has the full gadgets that make up a computer shop. Such is applied to other similar businesses too.
Also, venturing into agriculture even though you didn’t study it in school is another means by which the melody of ‘I nor get job’ can disappear without traces.
God has blessed this country with abundant land capacity.
Farming, poultry and the rest are businesses that one can engage with for a while before something began comes up.
No one has an excuse for committing atrocities or for sitting comfortably at home in idleness.
Let us get to work.


  1. I strongly believe what has been the cause of joblessness in our country has been the over dependence on white collar jobs. This menace has eaten deep into our fabrics that we never think out of the box

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