Medicine: Apart from the fact that almost every kid’s dream is to become doctor. Medicine is a very lucrative course of study. Becoming a medical doctor exposes you to a wide range of jobs in either public or private hospitals. You can as well work with health organizations such as NAFDAC, WHO, UNICEF, and a host of others. The pay is also top spot. Well, all of these beautiful points do not come without sacrificial approach while studying the course. Medicine requires a lot of your time and focus.

Computer Science and Engineering: The world is going more digital and computer based. These courses offer one of the best route to becoming relevant out there. Those who study other courses even come around to learn one programming language or the other. Someone in this field has a diverse range of places to work. Almost all standard companies in the world require your services as a computer scientist or computer engineer.

Business Administration: This course is one of the ever green courses around. Obviously its about business administration. A graduate of this course is able to handle business ideas and innovations; this skill enables such people to get jobs at divers places.

Medical Laboratory Science: People are always doing one laboratory tests or the other. This is the job of a graduate of medical laboratory science. It is quite lucrative, although it’s also demanding. But there is more assurance of getting a job with this course because laboratories are everywhere, and new ones are always coming up too.

Mass Communication: When you picture how numerous the media houses we have around, you will be able to understand the importance and relevance of mass communication. Studying this course gives you job opportunities at TV stations, Radio stations, other media outlets. You can be spokesperson to very influential people, etcetera.

Agricultural science courses: Agricultural science courses offers you the opportunity to work in diverse places. You can stand alone and build your agricultural business by applying those tips learnt from the university. People who study these courses do not have any reason not to be employed. There is a lot of advantages with studying agriculture.

Architecture: There will always be structures to design. There is a whole to do by being a graduate of architecture. People will continue to build houses, estates, etc, and the services of architectures as designers are always needed here and there. This makes it one of the most demanded jobs.

Accounting: Can you picture any company without the service of an accountant? It is just impossible. Money is a tool everyone deals with; and each persons or organizations demand accountability. It is very vital to know how much is spent and how much is earned. Accountants are strongly always needed in this regard. Accounting is a sort after profession any day any time.

Hotel Management: Nowadays hotel employers, especially in the big cities and towns, only want to employ competent people to manage their hotels. The numbers of hotels in this country right now is uncountable. More hotels are also springing forth daily as time goes by. Studying a course like hotel management gives enough job opportunities.

Nursing: Even in the US and the UK, and to the ends of the earth, nurses are always needed to take care of sick patients, women, and children. Just like many of the above mentioned courses, graduates who studied nursing find it easier to secure job in places such as clinics, hospitals, orphanage homes, etc.


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