Food is what we eat that makes us grow. This can be attested to the fact that we are made up of what we eat irrespective of its source. Foods can be eaten on health basis, as snacks, junks, appetizers and all sorts. Basically, these foods either have harmful effects or beneficial effects on the body. Excess food consumed can have diverse effects on the body as it sometimes causes constipation, restiveness, etc.
Foods eaten can be either gotten fresh from the farm or by either genetically modifying them. Instances of food gotten from the farm has gained widespread favors both from farmers and the consumers at large. These foods are said to be healthier, fresher, suitable and of great benefits to the body as they tend to cause no harm unlike the genetically modified foods which are biotechnologically engineered in the labs making use of scientific methods in producing them.

Genetically modified foods or GM, which is also known as bioengineered foods are those foods produced from microorganisms which aren’t harmful which have had changes being introduced into their DNA using the methods of biotechnology engineering or genetic engineering to their traditional cross breeding. These genetic engineering allows new traits to be introduced into plants which gives a much greater control over methods that were being used previously like the mutation breeding and selective breeding.

The history of this kind has been traced back to the year 10,500 to 10,100 BC. This began with humanly manipulating of foods beginning with the domestication of plants and animals through artificial selection. Selective breeding which is one of its important processes involves selecting the organism with the desired trait and with the desired genes and then they are being used to breed the next generation of organisms which lacks the traits that aren’t bred.

The first genetically modified plant to be bred was the antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant bred in 1983.This feat was made possible using genetically modified microbial enzymes which were its first application in food production and was approved in the year 1988 by the US Food and Drug administration. With its feat of the first genetically modified foods, other food crops have also been genetically modified like rice, corn, soy beans, tomatoes, cereals, etc.

The process of genetically modifying foods is always a gruesome task as the genetically modified organisms to be used are generated and tested in the laboratory for its desired results. The most common way to genetically modify foods is by adding one or more genes into an organism’s genome.
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