Living an expensive life doesn’t mean you have to spend heavily to maintain such kind of a life style. In fact, you might be surprised at how easy it is to cut down on your expenses with a little patience and planning. The more you get out of every naira you spend, the more money you will have to save for emergencies, tuition, paying bills, vacations to exotic locations, living in a luxury home and all sorts.

They say the love of money is the root of all evil not forgetting that an idle mind is the devils workshop.In the face of recession, there are many difficulties faced by people in managing their resources with the limited funds they have.It is expedient that we plan properly, spend wisely and invest in good investments.

Most families and households are faced with enormous challenges. With the steady increase in the cost of living, transport,school fees,difficulty in doing business,high unemployment rate,ravaging insecurity. As if that is not enough, our unity, one of our greatest strengths, is being threatened. Sometimes it is difficult to fathom how and when things will turn around.We must also take serious action as individual to correct the many wrongs. We can make a change through hard work, honesty, integrity, generosity, kindness and tolerance.

For us to effectively live the life we envisage to live, here are a few tips that will help us manage our money effectively.

1)We must have a budget that must be feasible.
2)We must cut down on irrelevant spendings and costs.
3)We must be flexible when spending
4)We must have a savings goal
5)We must not spend all but invest our savings

With these, we will manage our money, spend and invest wisely in helping us attain the kind of wealth we desire.


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