The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed.

Ladies, before you always go and talk about men how bad they are; how they treat you worthlessly like whores and how
they are all about sex; always first look at how you present yourself to them. If you are this type of a girl who puts on skimpy clothes, you take photos and post them on social media to get hundreds of likes and comments; don’t expect to attract a gentleman who will be interested in marrying you or making a family with you.

You will only attract young boys putting on masks for mature men who will only see you as a piece of meat to munch.

They will see you as a sex object not a wife material. But if you present yourself with decency and dignity you will attract the right type of man you need.

So, work on your general appearance. Set a remarkable standard and have a clean and God fearing heart.

The sky is just your starting point.


-Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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