Wow, I said to myself after the Pastor’s preaching ,”so I could be a sinner, yet God is calling out to me despite my sins”. I was lost in life, wallowing in sins all in the name of the pleasures of life living my life to the fullest, not knowing the impending doom that awaits my soul if I do not repent. I then cried out to the Lord asking Him to reach out to me in His mercy forgiving me of my sins and making me His child again.This was the consolation I needed now as I was between the devil and the deep blue sea.Then came the Pastor’s preaching as if I had told him of my past, weeping out of a sincere heart, I ran down to the altar asking God to forgive me of my sins and giving me a new life.I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders after my experience with God on that fateful Sunday service in church.

Life is an expression of our thoughts, our motives and all sorts. We all live our lives without taking to cognizance that there is a clarion call to be answered to when our sojourn here on earth is over.We take pleasures in parties, finding solace in cigarettes, banking on our educational backgrounds, taking pride in our financial status. But have we really asked ourselves one pertinent question, Is this really worth it? Will all these give my soul the peace I so desire? How will I be remembered after my life here on earth?

Yes, we all have one life to live, that’s what we are always tricked into believing but a life not worthy lived in not worth living at all. This we do forget that we are on a pathway to either life or death.There is a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is ultimate destruction.

Every day we hear messages of these beckoning on us to receive life so eternal but our hearts are hardened being like those whose hearts are prone to believing lies and doubting the truth.There should always be a hunger in us to finding the truth for ourselves, a voracious thirst for standing by the truth at all times. We have always been saved by Grace yet always hurt by the pleasures of sins.

This Grace we’ve soo received gives us a cutting edge over sin as we are held by God Himself and freed of the judgement that awaits those who refuse the Gospel of Salvation. God is calling on us to receive this Grace he’s soo freely given paid by Jesus Himself.

This Grace given to us saves us from God’s judgement of sin on the world, it gives us a new phase of life, it opens us up to a world free of evil desires, shows us the brighter side of life, and ultimately makes us His beloved Children loved by an ever loving Father.


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