It’s OK to Write. Start today.

Ernest Hemingway’s response when asked how to be a better writer by George Plimpton in a 1954 interview:

“Let ’s say that he should go out and hang himself because he finds that writing well is impossibly difficult. Then he should
be cut down without mercy and forced by his own self to write as well as he can for the rest of his life. At least he will
have the story of the hanging to commence with.”

Writing is an art I must say. It comes with desire, passion and creativity. If you know deep down that there is a tiny voice whispering to you to take up a pen and write; then I advise you to do so.

With writing, you’re able to communicate your inward sitting ideas outside.. Sometimes you don’t just feel OK if you don’t write.

It’s understandable that you might feel bored along the way, but ensure there’s a routine or ritual that keeps you going. Play some good music, meditate, relax your mind, and get back at what you love to do. You can’t afford to be kalaharistic.

A big kudos to a great platform like Sabyfy which has provided a means by which writers can display their affluence of skills and expertise. On top of that, the best writers or publishers are encouraged to do more with a token. I don’t know if this seems like I’m writing a review about Sabyfy anyways.

But of course, unleashing that writing animal inside of you is the real deal.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing those stories, poems and articles out starting from today!

– Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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