Calmness is a great virtue.

Xhin stood at the edge of the window in his newly rented apartment he had just moved into. He reflected on how he had fallen from grace to grass:
His step mother and other relatives have claimed all the million dollars properties his father left behind for him and his brother Jack.
Life is miserable, he thought.
He has only managed to rent the new apartment in a poor region in order to have a shelter to call his own. Lawyers lied to him and collected all his money. He had just lost the case to the enemies from his home.
All those he could identify with, in days of mystery, were all gone.
Friends who only knew how to eat from where they didn’t sow have departed him.

His family members have threatened to exterminate his life if he doesn’t desist from claiming any belonging from his father.

Tears rolled from Xhin’s eyes at intervals. The roller coaster world is gone; welcome to the ghetto world.
He was still lost in thoughts when he heard his little brother bang into the below class living room with a great shout. “Xhiiian” “Xhiiian” his younger brother loudly screamed.
He thought they had come to assassinate him; he was terrified; he jumped downward from the window thinking he could escape the cold hands of death.

But that was the end of Xhian.

His brother had only come to break a good news to him that the police have unraveled the hidden and wicked plots of his dad’s family and that they have returned back all his rightful properties back to him.
Xhian was too worried. Sadly he couldn’t live to enjoy what belonged to him.

One of the greatest assets a man can possess is calmness. Even in the face of adversities, learn to be calm. Like a popular song says: “when you smile; be sure you smile wide, don’t let them know you’re hurt.” Indeed that’s just right. Your enemies get confused when they see that you’re calm and happy.

Worry destroys.
Anxiety obliterates.

You’ll will be saving yourself from so many problems when you learn the art of calmness.
Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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