In a world where we live dominated by the male folks, they take control of what ever happens, always seem to be in control of anything that comes up, be the head over their families sometimes being the lord over the affairs of the families.
This does not assume that the female folks don’t have a say in the affairs of the house. They are meant to be the help mate over his affairs, make him feel good about himself and loved as well.

But opposite is the case now as some men have now turned to be what they were originally not created to be.They now leave the affairs of the families to their wives, beat and abuse their wives at the slightest provocation, develop cold attitude towards the children, ignore their families just to satisfy themselves only.This and many more vices acted out by them is not what they should be acting out.

Some married men ehn, I am honestly afraid of you. In fact I always wonder the kind of rooms the devil has preserved for you on the last day.

It is suprising and alarming many men do not understand the meaning of marriage. And I wonder how you sleep comfortably exhibiting such wickedness.
Most of you spend on strangers, ignoring your wife in the process.
Most of you respond to your extended family and fail to respond to your wife and children’s needs.
Most of you take care of your girlfriends and abandon your wife at home making her live in penury.
Most of you lie about not having money but shower their girlfriends with money.
Tomorrow you will curse the government with that same mouth of yours and blame them for not fulfilling their campaign promises. You and the Nigerian politicians, tell me what’s the difference??? Who tell more lies and deceive the populace???

Some of you dress very well and look good while your wife is looking worse than a slave. Another set are like gods in the church while their wives feed from hand to mouth. How do you sleep? How do you feel? Isn’t your wife someone’s child? Because your wife is an orphan that does not give you the right to make her life miserable. What offence did she commit? Some of you go to the extent of not allowing her to work for herself. Some of you even take her salary and decide how you spend it. You even take all the salary and make her beg you before you give her little allowance. Is it fair? What do you stand to gain? Where is your conscience? Does that make you a man? Think about it???

I wanted to buy suya at Iponri but the crowd was much and I left. I stopped at my junction to buy suya which I will eat. Waiting for my turn, his phone rang and this conversation went on
Man: hello, why you dey call me, na wetin happen?
Woman: abeg food no dey house.
Man: I don tell you say I no get money. Make una drink water sleep take fill belle.
Woman; I fit sleep like that but children nko? wetin dem go chop?
Man: abeg no worry me, I day busy. Hangs up……..
I heard everything because he was using a China phone with a loud volume.

Next thing, he tells the mallam, sell suya #200 for me. I was still waiting for my turn while I watched this man stand and eat the suya he bought not minding if the children had eaten or not. He paid while I took my suya. I watched him go to a woman and bought sachet Chelsea drink, he gaggled it and waited for keke napep which drive people inside the street. Coincidentally we boarded the same keke. He stopped and was waiting for his balance when his kids ran out to him shouting “daddy don come back ooo”. I was forced to come down as well to know what will transpire between him and his wife.
It was dark, his wife was petting her crying child while asking her husband what will they eat? He had the guts to say, me sef never chop since morning. I was touched and suprised that he felt no remorse and guilt when saying that to his wife.

I was busy pricing roasted corn that I won’t eat just to watch this man. I beckoned on the woman while he went inside angrily. I asked , madam why your pikin dey cry like this? She smiled and said, no mind am she never grow enough to endure hunger. See as her elder ones dey hawk water today and I use the money take settle NEPA bill. Immediately I remembered when we went through family struggles just to fend for ourselves. I asked her if she works? She said she sells fruits but the money she made the previous day was what she gave this her useless husband who said he needed transportation money to go to work. I took her to buy Indomie and eggs to make dinner for herself and her children. I wanted to give her the last cash with me but I remembered she will spend it on her selfish husband.

If you know are guilty of this please try and change. What will it cost him to buy that suya and drink garri with his family and be satisfied.

Marriage is not for everyone. If you’re not ready to share or take care of your family then remain single. I hate wickedness because this is absurd and maltreatment of the highest order.

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