The way up is still down.

When you see youths in nairabet, baba ijebus shops, hoping to get millions of naira without any stress; you begin to wonder what tomorrow holds for our youths.
So many of us envy success: we envy the big cars that pass beside us every day, we envy the mansions some fellow human beings live in. We imagine whether those ones have ten heads attached to the fulcrum of their necks. But the answer is No!
This post is actually focusing on people who legitimately worked hard for their hard-earned millions and billions. Many of this people had a rough – bumpy beginning earlier In their lives. They had to work hard to position themselves in the deluxe we find them today. There were those who had to fund their own tuitions in school because of the meager in their immediate families.
Despite the struggles on their ways, they continued to break boundaries before arriving in those mansions and big cars we find them today.
Aliko Dangote, the all time richest man in Africa, started business with a little money he borrowed from his uncle – let’s assume he couldn’t afford the money on his own – that’s why he had to go the extra length of borrowing. Look at where his business as now swollen to today.
Many youths do not want to sacrifice and put their efforts into meaningful and profitable ventures. They tend to want it all quickly.
The early we realize that the way up is down the better. Like the usual saying that there is no shortcut to success, we need to realize that hard work with God’s grace is all that is needed to arrive at the apex of life. If someone ever gets success through a shortcut, such a person will suffer for it now or later.
The talents and skills God has given you are the tools He expects you to use in order to work your own way also to the top. You need to begin to develop those ideas inside your head, it could be a business idea that will grow steadily to a multi-billion naira business in few years to come. Would you jeopardize it for the enticing tips from bettings and pools? Many of the people who commit their lives into the hands of ‘chances’ and ‘luck’ have always lived to regret it.
Always remember that the way up is down. Work hard now even if your efforts are not yielding the needed results yet. Just press on. Life is a ladder; continue to climb.


Olayemi Olumurewa Dumade

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