Infatuation vs True Love

Sometimes I used to wonder if true love truly exist,should I take that as a question,my response will be of two sides,a capital NO because I believe this days,love is based on infatuation and a yes because those that still love unconditionally still exist.

Infatuation or been smitten is the state of being carried away by unreasonable passion, it is also an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something

True love comes from the heart,it shouldn’t be based on how wealthy a man is,his physical appearance or how intelligence he is.
It shouldn’t be how obvious her curve is or how endowed she is or because she comes from a rich family…….however if all these defines the rate of your love to your spouse then you are been tied down in the bondage of infatuation.

Like I said earlier,infatuation is an intense but SHORT LIVED PASSION which means it depreciate gradually and problem arise.

Relationship is a romantic involvement in which everyday must be valentine’s day but when the foundation of the relationship is based on infatuation then it becomes monoparty i.e one person trying all his or her possible best to keep the relationship and the other is at receiving end.

To avoid infatuated love,don’t be too desperate when searching for love,express your feelings to whom your heart goes to,give them chance to think over it and wait for a positive response.

Show your spouse you care,turn their disability into ability,empower them,protect them,a always be the reason for their happiness,don’t just be part of it,be a part of their sadness but don’t be the reason for it.

To the ladies:
—Honour your man,he will appreciate it

—Respect your man,he will reciprocate

—Give him pep talks when he needs encouragement

—Support his dream and don’t be self centred

—Develop yourself,men don’t like liability as a spouse

—Cherish his family as if they are yours

And lastly cook for him Good food,when he is angry,COOK , continue cooking,don’t stop Cooking…. don’t forget the right way to get a man is through his stomach.

Men,its your duty to protect your spouse
Empower her
Cherish her
Treat her like a queen
And don’t forget two things that doesn’t fade easily
—True love
—Platinum ring…
Trust me she is all yours.

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