Oga move naa, Dave honked at the driver in front of him as he was stucked in traffic already late for work.How I wish I had woken up early he said in his car but the traffic jam was much and the cars moving soo slowly.

Patience is a virtue we know but how many people are patient enough to get what they want or to arrive their destination.They rush to do things, hurriedly getting to where they want to get to, complain at the long queue, fuss about things if not going fine with them.

These and many more we face daily as we live our lives.Either because we are impatient to achieve our goals, fulfill our dreams, attain heights we are supposed to or do what we are meant to do.

Cultivating patience takes time. It’s like a tree when planted takes enough time to grow but will always yield its fruit in due seasons. Patience is like a new wine which refreshes the soul, a daily habit that should be imbibed into our daily lives.

Patience having many merits pays off on the long run but on its way, our patience will be tested like gold refined in the fire. How do we react when it’s not well, how do we react to the news of the death of a loved one, how do we react when we face the storms of life? In all of this we need to cultivate patience.

Impatience leads to loss, loosing ourselves in the process, causing much damage that we might live to regret later in life, it hurts the soul, it makes us loose confidence and self esteem, it also inflicts wounds which sometimes can’t be healed. In all of this, lets be patient when faced with the raging storms of life.

I know people who had long graduated from the university at the age of 21 and couldn’t get a salary Job until 27. I know people who graduated at 25 and were offered a Job immediately. I know people who have got kids but are single and not married. I know people who are married but waited 5-10yrs to be parents. I know people who are in a relationship but is in love with someone else. I also know people who love each other and they are seperated. I know people who went abroad to find greener pastures and after 6months they made it big and came back home and I know people who waited much longer for their own breakthrough. My point here is this, everything in life happens according to our time. You may look at your friends and some seems to be far ahead of you making you feel jealous about their success or some are far behind you making you feel proud of yourself. Be patient, be prayerful,be consistent and work hard. There is always no late comer in wealth or success. Never feel depressed like you are lagging behind, it’s not your time yet! What tomorrow holds for you no man knows and can never tell its results!
God’s time is the best for us all!!!
Pray and work smart! God bless us all…


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