Are you currently having the right friends?

Above picture shows Ade Asekun, Tunde Fowler and Yemi Osinbajo; who are childhood friends. The trio is now Ambassador to Canada, Chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service, and the Vice President/Acting President of the federal republic of Nigeria, respectively.

Friends are accomplice on your way to destiny or doom. It is more than expedient that you should be careful about your choice of friends. The centurion saying goes thus; show me your friend and I will tell you who you’re. Even more now, a new jig goes thus ‘show me your friend and I will tell you where you’re headed in life.’

Friends can become extra loads that prevent you from moving at the right pace towards destiny. Friends can as well be the wings by which you soar without borders. Choose your friends correctly.

Friends can be the reason why you eventually become rich and wealthy. Friends can as well be the exact reasons why you cannot move past the poverty battle line that was drawn before you. Choose your friends correctly.

Here are three tests to know if you’re having the right friends now or not:

A good friend tells it to your face whenever you do something wrong. If the kind of friend you keep is such that sees nothing wrong in the bad things you do, then be sure that such friend is not right for you. A true friend should be able to rebuke you for your wrong doings. Perhaps the ones that don’t scold you do so because of the little change you drop inside their pockets.

A true friend gives you strength when you’re weak. There are times that life’s challenges weigh you doing and all you needed is someone to lift you up with words of encouragements. When you notice that those you refer to as friends are either claiming to be too busy to speak to you or they only pity you and add to the drums of mystery battling you; then be rest assured that such friends won’t take you to somewhere great in life. A true friend encourages you even when the circumstance doesn’t look to favor you.

A real friend challenges you to do more. Imagine you emerged as a runner up for a particular competition, and your so called friend is excited – jumping up and down, calling you king of the jungle and the rest; when you know deep inside that the first position ought to be yours – then know that such a friend doesn’t have the right mentality to lead you to somewhere great in life. A real friend will congratulate you, then will move ahead to challenge you to go for the first position.

Take a quick survey of the kind of friends you currently have in your rank. You should be able to now discover who deserves to be on your friendship list. But at the same time, be sure you are also having these attributes of a good friend.

– Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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