What advantage have you derived from watching football?

Being a football fan is very cool. Infact, it brings
butterflies into the belly. Football has a way of
expunging us from some stress because we get chance
to see our favorite talented superstars on TV doing their
thing on the pitch; much to our excitement. And Wait,
let’s also add that some of us live in harsh environment,
so therefore, football viewing centres are ‘ports’ to
charge our phones after suffering from power failure. Our
phone literally resurrect at the feet of Man utd vs
Chelsea at times.
To corroborate matters, with all the rituals of enjoying;
watching, analysing, and memorizing everything that
transpires on the football pitch, some of us still don’t
know whether ‘English Premier League’ is played in USA
or UK. Or, the continent from which your favorite player
comes from.
The other time while we were soaked in the euphoria of
a particular Champions League match , a self-acclaimed
‘football professor’ almost argued that ‘La Liga’ is played
in Germany, much to my amazement.

They might not use this topic to collect money in bank:
but as a football lover (watching both clubs and national
matches), you ought to have the list of the continents
and most of the countries under them at the finger tips.
Don’t just watch that match for fun alone, there are one
or two things to pick up.

If you still can’t figure out the countries where the
leagues you watch are being staged, you have to check
again. It would help you in knowing which ‘country is
which. You’ll get to understand that Europeans clubs
are those ones we watch in UEFA champions League –
and not from American League. And, Cristiano Ronaldo is
European while Lionel Messi is South American.

And who knows, maybe it is this eye-opener that would
help you later on the WWTBAM ‘hot seat’ to earn your
first million#If it so eventually happens, remember to
remember this writer.

– Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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