There is nothing materialistic that lasts for ever

It’s time to press the ‘past’ button. How did you feel
those days when only you amidst your friends didn’t
have a blackberry phone? For some its like “village
witches have started again o, ordinary bold 1 I can’t
buy”. Some get depressed.

Many of us now have even stopped BBMing. Those days,
if you didn’t have a bbm pin, its just tantamount to you
being utmostly irrelevant in the scheme of things. With
Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp on the throne now, by
the time you now reflect on your thirst for Bbm pinging
of the past, probably you feel like knocking your head a
little on a nearby wall ( WWE: dont try this at home,

In those days, irrespective of the blackberryphone you
were using, either curve1 or Bold1, youre the correct bro
and correct bae everyone looked up to – as if the phone
turns you into Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa.
People seeing you believed that youre very loaded
financially since youre using the highly coveted ‘bold 3’.
You’d even hear things like “bro, can I be coming to
your house once in a while… press blackberry!”

Sadly. We heard stories of those who died cos they were
soaked and overwhelmed by the functionalities of their
blackberry: they planted earphones in their ears like
cashew seed, pinged along the way, and walked down
the road playing ‘Ayefele’ (a Nigerian musician) without
knowing – no they knew, but were stupid to not realise
that indeed Ayefele (life is fragile) until moving Vehincle
did its worse on them. What a shame.

Some relationships even broke because of blackberry.

Above all, we now seem to be in the era of Androids and
Windows phones. As usual, times have changed again.
Who blackberry epp?

Don’t be carried away by the material things you thirst
for or that you have now cos circumstances change.
Its not that blackberry is bad, but its our attitude that
determines what happens to us in life
What looks like the world to you today might become
irrelevant tomorrow. So why the rush to acquire them?
In the mean time, live calmly.

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