Leaders are people who do what is right.
Leaders are people who are determined to bring a desired change that people clamor for.
A leader is an individual who has promised to be a revolutionary. Someone who is ready to stand against all odds and move forward.
Making a good leader doesn’t need one to be huge in seize but its takes a true tenacity.

Many people has opined that what Nigerians needed as a matter of exigency is an exceptional leader who have the interest of the masses at heart. Some argued that , it should be someone who is motivator , and interested in direction, vision goals, objective, intention, purpose and effectiveness. This is because leadership is influence, the ability of one man to influence others. one man can lead others only to the extent he can influence them to follow him .
Lord Montgomery, sees “leadership as the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires influence.

I don’t know if Nigeria has ever had a leader who has willingly influenced Nigerians striving towards the achievement of the goals of our country?

We need a renowned leaders who can take the bull by its horns .
He rare gem , a born leaders who is ready to make sacrifices for own country .
We need someone who has asked himself severally, what can I do for my country.
Can Nigeria still come in contact with such a selfless person as her leader? Yes , am optimistic about my country having such a leader.
We need complete change of mind .our selfish politicians must go home and rest. Nigerians needs a leader not a ruler .
We need a righteous man who has fear of God .Little wonder the bible said in proverbs 28:2 that when a righteous ascends the throne, people rejoice, Nigerians want to rejoice. We want to smile after many years of bad governance. May God have mercy on Nigeria as we look forward to having a good leader .


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