Examination malpractice may be comprehended as unethical or improper means students engage or involve themselves during examination in other to obtain high grades , in exam , test , quiz.
This has been the order of the day in Nigeria educational system , because students now see it as a tradition. The menace of examination has done more harm than good to Nigeria, research shows that some graduates can’t speak correct English .presently many universities abroad rejects our certificates.

Very shameful that many graduates has nothing to offer to the world after spending many years in the university. Examination malpractice as a menace does not only affects our educational system but the progress of our nation and development.
Examination malpractice as a canker-worm has eaten deep into the society, even our teachers are nothing to write home about.
According to a university researcher. “examination malpractice has proven to be an incurable disease in the educational system making nonsense of the educational standards”
On the other hand, a writer on examination malpractice noted that” it is a reflection of moral decadence of our country”
Our country nurtures cheats and at the end celebrities them. I sob for my country. Who will ever forget when a popular Nigeria newspaper referred it as the “salient epidemic”. What would I use to describe what this menace has done to Nigerians? Its unquantifiable.
Our country, will remain in bondage inasmuch as examination malpractice remains a business that flourishes by the day. Our graduates will be unemployable since they can’t defend what they read in school.
But in all, what do we do to curb this canker worn that has eaten deep our society, as albeit eisten, said that ” the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but those who watch them without during anything”
We must rise against examination malpractice.
I shall be looking at the causes in my subsequent write-ups and remedy / solution to curb the menace .
Stand against malpractice.


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